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    Champions Master their Emotions!

    All of us are 100% emotional beings. The better you are able to control and direct
    your emotions, the healthier and happier you’ll be, and the better you will perform
    in the Martial Arts and in life.

    MASTER your EMOTIONS, or your EMOTIONS will become your MASTER.

    Martial Arts training and daily exercise is absolutely the best way to destroy harmful stress and eliminate negative thinking patterns that can lead your emotions into a slump.

    Negative emotions...such as anger, fear, depression and sadness are often magnified if
    you allow tension to build up inside. Training eliminates stress!

    Martial Arts training forces the negatives out of your mind, body and spirit…and allows you to breathe in the positives.

    Another great way to influence your best emotions, is to purposely feed your mind and body the best information you can. Listen, read and watch things that motivate and inspire you. This helps to bring out your best emotions.

    If you allow yourself to constantly absorb negatives, it's like junk food for the brain. It can and will cause long term damage to your emotional well being, your mood and your overall state of mind.

    Champions strive to master their emotions, by purposely programming themselves for success and achievement.

    Everything you think, see, say, hear and do, influences your thoughts and emotions. Once you understand this, you may decide to be more aggressive on programming your thoughts everyday, by watching, listening and doing things that influence your emotions in a positive and empowering direction.

    Positive programming leads you toward positive thoughts and emotions.

    Positive emotions and energy will bring you greater health, happiness and optimism toward life and better prepare you to face your challenges head on.

    Developing positive emotional control is similar to developing your confidence, it requires daily attention and regular conditioning.

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    What keeps a Champion so motivated? ACTION!!!

    Action creates Motivation!

    Too often, people are waiting to get motivated, before they take any action.

    That’s not how motivation works.

    Once you take action…motivation follows.

    The more action you take, the more motivated you will become. Once you decide what
    you want…in your Martial Arts, in your education, in your life, you must take action.

    “You don’t need to be great to get started, but you do need to get
    started to be great!” - Les Brown

    It’s true in anything. If you want to become a confident, capable and well conditioned Black Belt Champion, you must take action to get to class and your going to need to take action
    on improving your skills and conditioning. NO ACTION=>NO RESULTS!


    If you want to become smarter, you must take action to read and study more. If you want
    to become wealthy and successful, you must take action to become wealthy and successful.

    The more action you take, and the better actions you take, the better results you will achieve.

    Motion intensifies Emotion…once you get up and get moving, you’ll feel better, think better and take better actions. Anytime you take action and get in motion…you improve
    your emotion.

    Doing nothing and thinking negative thoughts causes great harm to
    your mind, body and spirit, and can destroy valuable opportunities.

    To get to the TOP...Start by getting off your BOTTOM!

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  • 06/23/10--10:05: Champions are GOODFINDERS!

    Becoming a GOODFINDER is a great habit.

    It can lead to better relationships in every area of your life. Simply because the more
    you focus on the positive, the less distracted and focused you will be by the negative.

    BLACK BELT CHAMPIONS strive to master their people skills as well as their Martial Arts.

    They always aim to be great team players, in the dojo, as well as outside. At home, school and/or in the workplace. Searching and finding the good in others is one part of being a great team player.

    GOODFINDERS search for all the greatest qualities in other people and situations. The main objective is to seek and find the best in people and bring out their most positive qualities.

    In the dojo, you may notice that a team mate has shown recent improvement in their flexibility or a particular skill. Maybe they’ve improved their fitness and they’re becoming
    more toned. A Champion Goodfinder is quick to praise and compliment team mates on their improvements.

    Everyone likes being appreciated and receiving sincere compliments.

    Whenever you offer a kind word or a compliment, both people benefit,
    you as the giver and the other person as the receiver.

    BE A GOODFINDER! Be a force for good; ignite people’s positive energy and emotions. Search for the good and you will quickly find it… search for the garbage and negatives,
    and you’ll find that too.

    You may need to dig through a ton of dirt, just to find an ounce of gold, however, your not looking for dirt, you’re searching for gold. There’s a lot of GOLD in the people that train at our dojo… Champions bring it to surface everyday!

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  • 06/24/10--09:02: Champions Train for Gain!!

    Some people train hard, some train smart, the goal should be to
    train harder and smarter. This is the best way to insure positive
    and consistent gains in your martial arts training and in life.

    Most aspects of Martial Arts training is very measurable and predictable.

    Flexibility, strength, endurance and skill level, are all measurable and vital areas of progress and growth for a BLACK BELT CHAMPION.

    The results and benefits you obtain, are a direct reflection of the actions you take and the attention you give each area. Champions strive to make positive progress and continually take action to move forward, eventually leading toward bigger and better gains.

    "To get more heat from a fire, you must first put more wood on it!”

    Train for Gain by allowing enough time to warm-up and get focused on
    training. Once warmed up, get into the game, play it all out and pay
    close attention to your form and detail. The devil is always in the details!

    Train for Gain by understanding the concept of progress-vs-perfection. Meaning that before we can ever be great at anything, we must be willing to start the learning process. Part of this process is making mistakes, correcting them and practicing the correct skill, over and over again.

    Train for Gain is understanding the ratchet effect. This is when we take three steps forward and sometimes take two steps backwards. Understand that we are still ahead of where we began.

    Train for Gain by listening to your instructors and coaches. Always be coach-able, stay curious and eager to learn and improve yourself. Most important, keep your goal clearly in mind, and train hard for gain and
    you’ll always get better!


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    Champions have an Indomitable Spirit!

    Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to have an
    unstoppable upbeat attitude and maintain a strong zest for life?

    BLACK BELT CHAMPIONS call this an Indomitable Spirit.

    It's that extra energy and enthusiasm they put into everything they do.

    Besides a powerful non-quitting spirit, they have a tremendous hunger
    and drive for their Martial Arts and for personal growth and development.

    This spirit is a positive energy force that shows their passion, you can see it in their
    eyes, you can hear it in their voice, you can feel it whenever you’re around them.

    A person with this spirit is always more ambitious than the average person. They are also
    more likely to accomplish more, take more action and be very achievement-oriented. They
    are far less likely to get discouraged, because they are better conditioned and prepared
    to handle the setbacks that they encounter.

    They always influence others in a positive fashion.

    Their enthusiasm and optimism becomes contagious to others.

    It's been said that enthusiasm is contagious, so is the lack of it...

    Wouldn’t you rather be a person that brings others up to higher levels
    of excellence, instead of the person that drags people down to mediocrity?

    BLACK BELT CHAMPIONS always bring people up.

    Spread your Spirit - your INDOMITABLE SPIRIT!

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